• A Day in the Life of Trish: A Holdsworth Volunteer
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    Trish has been a volunteer for over five years. She lives in the Eastern Suburbs where she loves her local community and believes deeply in giving back. Trist enjoys volunteering as it brings her closer to the people around her and reinforcing the amazing difference anyone can make in the community.Read More
  • Please help support your community and donate to our tax appeal.
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    Every day, people within our community who live with mobility challenges struggle to access essential services, participate in community activities, and maintain their independence. That's why we are committed to providing vital resources and support to ensure that no one is left behind due to mobility limitations.Read More
  • The Extraordinary Journey of John: A Centenarian’s Remarkable Life
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    John is a Holdsworth participant who has been receiving support through the Home Care Package program for several years. This has provided John with weekly individual social support where he is taken shopping or to run errands or simply have some extra company. We recently visited John at his retirement home to celebrate his 100th Birthday where John shared interested stories about his life.Read More
  • Community survey confirms: Holdsworth cares
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    At Holdsworth, we’re here for community. So when our community shares feedback, we listen. In our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, we’re proud to share that feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and pinpointed the care, attentiveness and respect our team extends to all participants. We are deeply grateful to the 203 people who participated in the survey and provided honest feedback. Read More
  • Let’s navigate new possibilities together! Donate today
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    At Holdsworth, we connect people with possibility. And your donations are behind those possibilities, enabling people in the community to live fulfilling lives. That’s why we need your help in the lead-up to the end of the year, as we continue the work we’re doing to ensure we support those most vulnerable.Read More
  • Eda’s Story
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    Eda is a Holdsworth participant who has been receiving support through the Commonwealth Home Support Program for several years. Recently she participated in the Wellness Hub - a free program run by Holdsworth to support older people through allied health and clinical support services, and additional help at home. Through Wellness Hub Eda was connected with a volunteer who helped bring her balcony garden back to life after a stressful situation, allowing her to feel content in her home again. Read More
  • Aged Care Quality Audit confirms: Holdsworth provides dignity and choice for our community
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    At Holdsworth, we support people to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life. At the heart of achieving this is providing dignity and choice to the people we work alongside. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission exists to protect the needs, dignity and choice of those in the community we support, and we are proud to have been found compliant across all areas of their recent Performance Report.Read More
  • Miya’s Story
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    Holdsworth volunteer Miya is a passionate advocate for those living with Dementia in the community. Miya first connected with Holdsworth while supporting her father through Dementia - with Holdsworth fondly referred to as his ‘club’. She supports Dementia Australia and the Woollahra Dementia Alliance to help businesses become Dementia-friendly, a topic close to heart after the many small things local businesses did to create a welcoming space for her father, including his favourite cafe creating a special ‘Bob’s Menu’. Read More
  • An update on Holdsworth HomeShare
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    Since 2019, HomeShare offered incredible benefits to 54 people. These matches saw improvements in quality of life, peace of mind and support for families and carers, and an affordable housing solution. During this time, Holdsworth was grateful for the support from grant funders and philanthropists who believed in it as a service offering in their community. Holdsworth would like to thank all our grant funders. Read More
  • Celebrate our community: Dementia Friendly Queen Street
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    In a heartwarming display of unity and support, Holdsworth in collaboration with the Woollahra Dementia Alliance and Woollahra Council, hosted its first ever week-long event, transforming Queen Street to raise awareness about dementia and its aims of creating a dementia friendly community in Woollahra. Read More
  • Celebrate our community: Dementia Friendly Queen Street
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    Dementia-friendly communities are essential to support the growing number of Australians living with dementia, their carers and families. Queen Street Woollahra is hosting a week-long celebration of people living with dementia – Monday June 19 to Friday June 23. Join us and celebrate our community!Read More
  • Katherine’s Story
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    For the past decade, Katherine has used Holdsworth’s transport services due to her limited mobility, but when she was encouraged to join Wellness Hub, she had reservations. Thankfully, she decided to try, and she’s found the sensitive care and professionalism has helped her maintain her health and independence, plus she enjoyed it much more than she’d expected! The Katherine before Wellness Hub, and the Katherine now: “They’re chalk and cheese,” she says. Read More
  • Community heroes are happy at Holdsworth
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    The Voice Project has announced one of their Best Workplace Awards for 2023, and you might initially picture a funky tech firm with a ping pong table and all-you-can-drink prune juice. But in fact gracing the leader board is a local organisation doing big things for the community and its own people. One of the 2023 Best Workplace Awards goes to: Holdsworth.Read More
  • Yvette’s Story
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    Support Coordinator Yvette is one of the many Holdsworth superstars who make a difference in the community, and she shares why she is so passionate about changing lives, and how trust is always the first step. Read More
  • Holdsworth Playgroup is expanding to include Rose Bay Cottage
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    Holdsworth is thrilled to announce the opening of a brand-new location for Holdsworth Playgroup. Thanks to the generous support from Woollahra Council, Rose Bay Cottage will be another home for Holdsworth Playgroup, starting Wednesday, 22nd February 2023. Read More
  • Carmel’s kindness
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    NDIS recipient Carmel has been part of the Holdsworth community for many years, receiving services including Support Coordination, one-on-one support and participating in social groups. Read More
  • Lavania’s Story
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    Lavania participated in our HomeShare program for almost three years, living with home owner Margaret. Holdsworth’s HomeShare is designed to connect housemates for a mutually beneficial living situation, and Lavania’s presence at Margaret’s house meant her family had confidence she was safe and comfortable in her own home, and that Lavania’s wonderful cooking would make Margaret’s evening meal enjoyable when Margert is not at her children’s for dinner!Read More
  • The Day Dreamers: A short film by Holdworth’s Drama Program
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    Through Drama at Holdsworth participants build their confidence, creativity, performance and characterisation skills with new and old friends. And, this year, our drama program was extra special!Read More
  • Lisa’s Story
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    Lisa and her son Ethan attend Holdsworth’s playgroup sessions once or twice a week, and love connecting with other families, exploring new activities and tapping into the expert knowledge of the playgroup team.Read More
  • Marie’s Story
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    Marie has been involved with Holdsworth since she was a small child. Marie’s NDIS plan incorporates several Holdsworth services, but most importantly for Marie, who thrives on helping others, she’s been a Holdsworth Volunteer in numerous capacities for many years. Read More
  • Navigating My Aged Care: Commonwealth Home Support Programme
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    At Holdsworth, we’re here to help you make the most out of the Commonwealth Home Support Program and support you to stay active, get social, feel safe or find connections.Read More
  • A message from Anna
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    A message from Anna...a dedicated volunteer at Holdsworth for the past 15 years. ​Read More
  • Pavel’s Story
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    It takes a village to raise a child. For parents Jana and Pavel, whose family live overseas, Bub Hub provides a sense of community, parenting support and care as they navigate the world with their young son, Oliver. Read More
  • Joan’s Story
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    Joan and her Support Worker Peter share why Holdsworth’s services, including transport and other services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program, play such a vital role in people’s lives. Joan accesses transport services through Holdsworth, and Peter helps her regularly with shopping, appointments and whatever meticulous list of tasks Joan has created that week!Read More
  • Our Journey
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    At our core, Holdsworth connects people with possibility. Our strategy underpins an unyielding commitment to the community, and we are proud of all we’ve achieved since our playground opened in 1940. Read More
  • Michelle’s Story
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    Young-at-heart Michelle utilises Holdsworth’s Community Transport to get her to medical appointments and stays connected with the community (and has some fun) with our Wednesday Wellbeing group.Read More
  • Meet Bernie & Cale
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    As part of Holdsworth’s HomeShare program, Bernie shares his home with university student Cale – a living situation they both consider adds value to their lives. Read More
  • Barrie’s Story
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    Barrie is a 69 year old Sydney resident who has connected with Holdsworth’s services through his Support Coordinator. Barrie is proud to share his story, and Holdsworth is proud to be part of it. Read More
  • Support worker Michael celebrates 25 years
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    Support Worker Michael has spent 25 years at Holdsworth, working with NDIS clients to build skills and independence, and of course, have a few laughs.Read More
  • Meet Aaron
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    The Song family have a long history at Holdsworth with both their sons attending programs from a young age. In light of COVID-19, Holdsworth shifted its services to more personalised support and was open to what participants wanted to do. Read More
  • How to access aged care services
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    Government-funded aged care services are available to Australians over 65 and to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over 50, who are registered on my Aged Care to assist with their daily lives. Read More
  • 8 fun activities for people living with dementia in 2022
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    Hobbies are a critical part of health and wellbeing, and this doesn’t change for someone living with dementia. Meaningful activities are a great opportunity for people living with dementia to have fun, improve social connections and boost their overall wellbeing.Read More
  • Meet our Team: Jenny
    In People of Holdsworth
    Jenny has been a part of Holdsworth for almost a decade. She first joined as a placement student and is now the Project Officer of Team Maroubra. We sat down recently to listen to her story.Read More
  • Deepening connections: Carmel
    In People of Holdsworth
    We had the pleasure of speaking with the warm, sociable Carmel, who has been a Holdsworth participant since 2019. In 2021, she turned a difficult situation into one about building her independence and connection at home and in the community.Read More
  • Going Local: Azura & Jacqueline
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    Jacqueline has travelled across the globe and worked as a nurse for many years. Her world travels and bright intelligence mean she is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.Read More
  • Holdsworth HomeShare has launched
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    Holdsworth recently launched a pilot of their innovative HomeShare program. Holdsworth HomeShare matches older people who are living alone with a room to spare with a younger person who is happy to provide companionship in return for affordable accommodation.Read More
  • Planning Your Estate: Key Messages
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    At the end of July, we hosted a very popular talk at Gaden on Estate Planning with James Kelly from Owen Hodge Lawyers presenting and taking questions. We know that a lot of people were not able to attend this session so we are sharing a summary of the main points below.Read More
  • Holdsworth Community launches HomeShare Pilot in NSW
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    Holdsworth HomeShare matches older people who are living alone in a comfortable home with a younger person who is happy to provide companionship in return for affordable accommodation.Read More

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