At Holdsworth, we’re here for community. So when our community shares feedback, we listen. In our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, we’re proud to share that feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and pinpointed the care, attentiveness and respect our team extends to all participants. We are deeply grateful to the 203 people who participated in the survey and provided honest feedback.

The anonymous survey was run by external provider XREF, and was undertaken to ensure we clearly understand where we’re delivering on what our participants need. It also enables us to benchmark our performance against industry best practice.

Our overall satisfaction rating was 90%, placing us in the ‘high’ category, with responses about Holdsworth staff ranking particularly high. Team members were described consistently in feedback as ‘caring’, ‘friendly’ and ‘respectful’, and great at listening to a participant’s point of view.

“I like everything about Holdsworth – their carers are kind, patient, respectful, encouraging, supportive, capable, and compassionate. The admin staff are responsive, respectful and always quick to communicate. Executive and nursing staff show intelligence and genuine care and concern when helping solve problems that arise. No complaints. Only praise and gratitude from me,” said one survey respondent.

The survey collected feedback from participants of all services across Holdsworth, including Home Care, social groups, NDIS support and outings, nursing, transport, meal delivery, playgroup and family services. Understanding the impact we have and how participants feel, as well as their carers and family members – particularly when it comes to safety and empathy – is a critical reason for undertaking the survey.

“The carer allocated inspires trust in his ability to keep my partner safe while on an outing,” said a survey respondent.

Another respondent said they particularly liked “the kindness and attention I receive at wellness group and my support person. I now feel I can stay in my own home.”

While the majority of feedback received through the survey was positive, the areas identified as needing improvement are just as valuable for our team to receive.

The survey highlights yet again that our team are the heart and soul of Holdsworth. But understanding the areas that need our attention is even more important because it gives us the chance to improve and create the best outcomes for our

The areas that were identified for us to work on included handling complaints and innovation. We will use the feedback from the survey to develop and enhance services that meet the needs of our community now and in the future. 

We value all feedback, whether received through this survey or at any other time, and we are grateful for our staff, participants and the community. We look forward to sharing progress with you as we work through improvements, because as one participant said about us: “nothing is too much trouble.”