At Holdsworth, we support people to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life. At the heart of achieving this is providing dignity and choice to the people we work alongside.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission exists to protect the needs, dignity and choice of those in the community we support, and we are proud to have been found compliant across all areas of their recent Performance Report.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Performance Report assesses eight standards across Home Care Packages (HCP) and eight standards across Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), with detailed requirements within each standard to protect consumers.

“The Commission plays a critical role in protecting the safety and wellbeing of people receiving aged care. At Holdsworth, we’ve always focused on what the community needs, so protecting the people within it is a natural part of what we do, and this is exactly what the Commission is looking for,” says Holdsworth CEO Jason Malone.

The report meant Holdsworth was assessed through site visits, observations and interviews with team members, participants and representatives. Not only was Holdsworth found compliant across all areas, but there were no areas of improvement identified to work on.

“We always say we’re here for the young at heart,” Jason explains. “We respect the wisdom that comes with lived experience, so our approach is to work alongside our participants to support them to live independently for as long as possible. And I think it’s that approach – listening to what individuals need most – that makes us such a great organisation.” 

The report stated that: “Consumers and representatives confirmed [Holdsworth] supports consumers to live their best life and encourages them to keep independent and be active.”

At the heart of everything Holdsworth does is our people. Our team was highlighted in the report, with consumers interviewed confirming that staff possess the necessary skills to provide their services. One participant said she is: “well looked after and gets plenty of information and support from the staff who are all very professional and caring.”

While the report covered Home Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support Program, two of our key service areas, Holdsworth also works in numerous other ways to support healthy ageing through tailored support and creating connections.

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