NDIS recipient Carmel has been part of the Holdsworth community for many years, receiving services including Support Coordination, one-on-one support and participating in social groups.  

Carmel is the epitome of kindness. Polite, thoughtful and warm, when she speaks about Holdsworth, she takes the time to talk about each and every person who has helped her along the way, remembering names and interactions, careful not to leave anyone out.

For Carmel, her connections at Holdsworth mean everything from ensuring she is connected with the right Occupational Therapist (and it’s funded for her), to having someone to help scrape the cheese off her incorrect burger order at lunch. 

“They’re absolutely fabulous, Holdsworth people,” Carmel says. “Even the drivers are absolutely wonderful.” 

Each Friday night Carmel is collected by her Support Worker to run a couple of errands and have a quick coffee before they meet up with the Friday Night Social Group for dinner. When Carmel joins group outings where they travel by bus, her generous spirit is evident in the way she allows all the participants to make their way off the bus in their own time before she gets off herself.   

“That’s how I’ve been taught, I was raised to have nice manners,” she says. 

One of the other things Carmel values in her Holdsworth experiences is the one-on-one support she receives. This connection means Carmel can visit the pharmacy and supermarket with support, and it’s all been made possible through the help she’s received from Holdsworth’s Support Coordinators to access the services she needs.  

From good conversations, to exploring far and wide for the best burgers and pizza, to receiving the support she needs to maintain her independence, Carmel appreciates Holdsworth almost more than she can say. And she believes others should reach out to Holdsworth, too. 

“I’d say go for it. Absolutely no hesitation.” 

Do you want to extend your social connections or get out and about a little more? Perhaps you could use some support getting the most out of your NDIS funding.

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