Marie and her mum, Tina

Marie has been involved with Holdsworth since she was a small child. Marie’s NDIS plan incorporates several Holdsworth services, but most importantly for Marie, who thrives on helping others, she’s been a Holdsworth Volunteer in numerous capacities for many years.

Marie is front page material. In fact, her face and her artworks have appeared on just about as many front covers as Nicole Kidman. But she’s not a famous actor or singer (although we’re fairly certain if Marie put her mind to it, she’d excel in those areas). Marie is a giver. Her time, and her talents, are poured into raising money for numerous causes, and giving back to her community. Which makes her the best kind of person to grace front covers.  

When Marie was born, she faced many challenges and her medical professor was hesitant to offer her family much hope. Then and there, mum Tina made a silent vow that Marie would grow to become a valuable contributor to her community. Maybe it’s innate, or a special genetic link between mother and daughter, but without Tina ever deliberately steering her towards helping others, Marie found her own path there. “She enjoys giving more than receiving,” mum Tina says. 

Marie has been part of Holdsworth since she was a youngster. Nowadays Marie enjoys being part of the Friday Group, the Saturday Gang, Holdsworth Camps and Sydney Slickers, but even as a little one, she directed most of her energy to helping. Starting with setting up and packing down playgroup sessions for 70 babies and their parents, moving on to work in Holdsworth cafes and now volunteering in the Home Cuisine team on a Thursday packing boxes ready for delivery, her volunteering at Holdsworth over the years has set her on an altruistic path she’s wholeheartedly embraced.   

Marie randwick
Marie and Randwick Mayor, Dylan Parker

In addition to all the incredible volunteering Marie does with Holdsworth, she is now an official Ambassador for Sydney Children’s Hospital. Marie channeled her creative skills (she’s a talented artist) to create her own empire selling adorable ‘boo boo bunnies’ and ‘jimmy chew’ cold packs made from towelettes, and donates her profits to the hospital.

“I love to help all the kiddies in the hospital get better. It makes me happy,” Marie says. 

One of the most incredible things about Marie is how much she fits in, and she’s continually looking for more ways to give back. In fact, when her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Marie and her sister joined forces to work out how to help. Taking part in a lengthy 12km fundraising walk, Marie raised an incredible $3,000. On the walk, Marie and her team wore matching T-shirts to draw attention to the cause, and that opened up so many heartfelt conversations about other people’s experiences and many congratulations on her fundraising efforts.  

“It’s fun and it gives me a good feeling knowing I’m helping people in the community,” she says.  

If you’re not spotting her on the front cover of the 2017 Holdsworth Annual Report, you might see Marie on Channel Nine news promoting her business or donating her annual piggy bank savings to the Gold Telethon. And if you live in the area, you might just be lucky enough to spot her artwork in a local magazine – like her stunning watercolour bird piece recently featured on the front cover of Beast magazine. But most importantly, she’ll be at Holdsworth. 

“I have been at Holdsworth since I was little and it feels like home to me.”  

Do you love helping others like Marie? Have you considered getting involved in your community but you’re not sure where to start?

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