Each year we navigate the busy end of year period with family and friends, experiencing hurdles and challenges amid joy and laughter. As we approach this special time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the joys we’ve experienced and the challenges we’ve overcome throughout the year. You, our valued community, have made a tremendous difference this year - just as you do every year – in contributing to the support we provide to those who most need it. We acknowledge and appreciate your generosity.

At Holdsworth, our role is as navigators and advocates for the people in our community. We work closely with participants and their families to navigate the complexities of My Aged Care and the NDIS, and help those with young ones navigate their journey through parenthood. We are a leader in this space, and we’ve been working closely with the community for over 75 years to improve access, tailor support and create connections.

Your generosity contributes to how we are able to support and navigate new possibilities for our participants.

“Holdsworth cares,” says Holdsworth participant Katherine. “You’re treated with sensitivity and respect, and they do their darndest to see that you get what you need. Holdsworth provides me with confidence, security and a feeling of sense of worth, because I know they’ve got my back.”

“The fact that [my daughter] has been going there for 21 years says a lot I think,” says Sue, parent of Holdsworth participant Emma. “It’s a great place to go for information, for example when the NDIS was coming in and everyone was worried about how to approach applying for funding, Holdsworth had lots of advice. And it’s given me a network of friends who are in a similar situation to me, and that’s been invaluable.”

Ultimately, we connect people with possibility. And your donations are behind those possibilities, enabling people in the community to live fulfilling lives. That’s why we need your help in the lead-up to the end of the year, as we continue the work we’re doing to ensure we support those most vulnerable.

There are many ways to donate, and we appreciate every contribution, no matter how much you can give:

  • Mail us a donation form and return via Reply Paid 84147 Woollahra NSW 2025
  • In person, where you can pay in cash or by credit card
  • Online here

At the end of the day, everything we do is because of your generous support, and we extend a warm and grateful thanks for helping us make a difference to the people who need it most.

From everyone at Holdsworth, we wish you a happy and safe holiday period, and thank you for your ongoing support.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your services further, please don't hesitate to contact us!