The Song family have a long history at Holdsworth with both their sons attending programs from a young age. In light of COVID-19, Holdsworth shifted its services to more personalised support and was open to what participants wanted to do.

Sofia, our NDIS Coordinator, collaborated with the Song family, to see how we could continue our deep connection in a different way.

Sofia: Over nine years ago, the Song family came across Holdsworth and since then both their boys have received a variety of tailored supports from social group programs, to skill-building exercises and even volunteering.

When COVID-19 began, Aaron was keen to safely continue participating in sports and physical activity. The deep connections that have been formed with Aaron and his family enabled the Holdsworth team to work together to develop a tailored schedule that suited his goals, routine and pace regardless of the changing environment.

Throughout lockdown, Aaron and his Support Worker have been playing sport in the local park, checking out local attractions, doing his homework and helping around the house with some light chores.

Sue, Aaron’s mum, believes the strong support and connection they have built with Holdsworth has helped him to maintain his routine and improved confidence in the community, “Holdsworth has given him happiness, enjoyment, confidence and life experience,” she said.


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