The Voice Project has announced one of their Best Workplace Awards for 2023, and you might initially picture a funky tech firm with a ping pong table and all-you-can-drink prune juice. But in fact gracing the leader board is a local organisation doing big things for the community and its own people. One of the 2023 Best Workplace Awards goes to: Holdsworth.

The prestigious award is presented by The Voice Project, who are a leading provider of employee engagement and research-based surveys. Evolved from a Macquarie University research program, The Voice Project Awards recognise organisations who are improving workplaces by giving their people a voice and creating impactful change.

Holdsworth’s Best Workplace Award is in recognition of exceptional levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, and with 90% of our employees based in the field providing support services, it highlights the incredible strength of Holdsworth’s culture of putting its people first.

“Holdsworth does great things for the community, but as this award confirms, we’re also a great place to work,” says Holdsworth CEO Jason Malone. “Despite the nation-wide staffing shortages in aged care and disability services, at Holdsworth we’ve actually got a waiting list of skilled people wanting to work with us. I think that speaks volumes.”

The Voice Project survey unearthed a plethora of positive feedback, demonstrating a welcoming work environment, as well as the dedication of our team members.

“Holdsworth cares about the welfare and quality of life for its employees just as it does for the community members we support,” says Holdsworth Support Worker Tim.

Community Care Team Leader Thais says Holdsworth is the most rewarding job she has ever had, because “we are focussing on the community, the individuals and their families.”

In the survey, employees pinpointed Holdsworth’s meaningful vision and commitment to the community as core elements of pride. Flexibility, a sense of safety, support and training opportunities were also flagged as important, particularly to Holdsworth’s support workers who spend their days helping others in the community.

“We connect people with possibility,” says Malone. “It’s our incredible team who are out in the community every day who make this happen. What they do might not be obvious – it’s not heart surgery or blasting water at dramatic infernos – but what they do is life changing. They’re the quiet heroes, and we’re so proud of them.

“The Best Workplace Award doesn’t change what we do, but it reminds us why it’s so important to continue supporting our team of quiet community heroes.”

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