Trish has been a volunteer for over five years. She lives in the Eastern Suburbs where she loves her local community and believes deeply in giving back. Trist enjoys volunteering as it brings her closer to the people around her and reinforcing the amazing difference anyone can make in the community.

Trish starts her day early, lacing up her walking shoes and heading out for a morning stroll. She loves keeping fit and finds joy in being out in nature. As she walks, she greets familiar faces and exchanges a few friendly words with neighbours – a small but vital part of the community spirit she cherishes.

One of Trish’s favourite volunteer activities is going out on bus outings for Holdsworth. Trish has also been a part of the Woollahra Dementia Alliance and Holdsworth’s intergenerational art event, where seniors and young children create art together. The joy on everyone’s faces as they share stories and paint vibrant pictures is priceless to Trish. These moments of connection are why she volunteers – to witness firsthand the incredible impact of bringing people together.

In the afternoon, Trish makes her rounds visiting neighbours. She knows how important it is for people, especially those who might be isolated, to feel seen and valued. Whether it’s a quick chat on the porch or helping with small tasks around the house, Trish’s visits are a lifeline for many. She often recalls the advice from Hugh Mackay, a psychologist and social researcher she admires who states, “we are social creature, we can only reach our potential when we engage with our community – in the local neighbourhood, at work and even online”. Trish has taken this to heart, building bridges and fostering a sense of belonging wherever she goes.

Trish at Holdsworth playgroup

Trish’s commitment doesn’t stop there. She also volunteers with OzHarvest, a food rescue organisation. Sorting and delivering food, she marvels at the community’s generosity and the powerful impact of collective effort. Each meal she helps distribute is a testament to the kindness and support that Holdsworth champions.

Why Holdsworth? For Trish, the answer is simple. She’s aware of the incredible difference Holdsworth makes in people’s lives. It’s not just about providing services; it’s about creating a network of care and support that transforms the community. Trish sees this every day in the smiles, laughter, and gratitude of those she helps.

Volunteering at Holdsworth has not only allowed her to give back but has also enriched her own life in countless ways. Through her work, Trish embodies the values of kindness, openness, independence, and trust that Holdsworth stands for, making a lasting difference in the lives of those around her.

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