Support Coordinator Yvette is one of the many Holdsworth superstars who make a difference in the community, and she shares why she is so passionate about changing lives, and how trust is always the first step.

Yvette is a passionate person. It’s quickly evident when you speak to her about just about anything. Her daughter, her role at Holdsworth, her life experiences. But that passion is clearest when she talks about the participants she’s worked with and how the ‘small things’ she does (Yvette’s own modest words) have, frankly, changed their lives. 

As a Support Coordinator, Yvette’s days are varied and busy, but one thing she keeps a razor sharp focus on is building trust with everyone she works with. Whether that’s helping participants get the most out of their NDIS funding, connecting people with My Aged Care services through Holdsworth’s social housing outreach program, or just chatting to colleagues to find the best services, Yvette believes it all starts with trust. 

“When someone trusts you, that’s really rewarding,” Yvette says. “I come in to help, not to judge, because sometimes it means sharing personal stuff, and you can feel vulnerable. Building trust is important because I’m there to get you what you need and make the process as simple as possible; to take the burden away.”   

Rounding out Yvette’s natural warmth is the wealth of knowledge she carries from years working in the disability sector. She prides herself on finding the right solution for every person she works with, and because she works closely with things that can feel overwhelming to most people – like navigating the NDIS and understanding the range of support services available – she can fit the pieces together like the most experienced puzzler.  

Yvette’s role in Support Coordination is about working with participants to identify the right support for their individual situation and ultimately achieve their NDIS goals. Yvette and the team at Holdsworth play a vital role in advocating to increase funding where needed, helping people to understand their NDIS plan, and creating connections to help build skills and confidence.   

What Yvette does every single day really does make a difference. In fact, sometimes it’s the things that seem smallest that make the biggest difference. Like one NDIS participant, who was recently connected to group activities by Yvette. 

“She was really social, but didn’t know how to start. And when you’re used to just spending time with mum and dad, then put your trust in someone who encourages you to go out with groups, it’s a big deal,” Yvette explains. 

Whether it’s navigating NDIS funding and accessing services; or building enough trust to get someone help when they had dismissed it in the past; or working out exactly what an older person needs to maintain their independence, Yvette is passionate about human connection. 

“Holdsworth is so important because it keeps people connected,” Yvette says. “People are social – even introverts – and as humans we like to be around others, even if it’s just for an hour. Connecting with community, having a laugh, being around others who aren’t judging; it’s all important.” 

And it’s clear what Yvette does to help others is important. Important to her, to Holdsworth, and to the people who benefit from all the little things she does – because those add up to the big things.  

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