Joan and her Support Worker Peter share why Holdsworth’s services, including transport and other services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program, play such a vital role in people’s lives. Joan accesses transport services through Holdsworth, and Peter helps her regularly with shopping, appointments and whatever meticulous list of tasks Joan has created that week!

Octogenarian Joan is planning to take a trip to Antarctica for her 90th birthday because it’s the only continent she’s never visited. Clearly, Joan is a well-travelled woman. A teacher turned script writer turned travel agent, there’s not much Joan hasn’t done – or written about.  

These days, Joan uses a walker to get around, but her adventurous spirit is very much alive and well, with Holdsworth by her side. In fact, some of the outings she laughs about with Holdsworth Support Worker Peter sound like some of the best adventures she’s been on. 

Joan is vivacious and brightens any room she’s in, so it’s no surprise that Peter is quite fond of her. In fact, the pair are a well oiled machine – singing one another’s praises and reminding each other of funny stories. Like one time Peter picked up Joan from her massage appointment, but of course, the car didn’t start. The two of them were wondering how in the world they’d get home… especially because Joan was in her dressing gown! Of course, Holdsworth came to the rescue.  

While Joan says she’s no good with technology, Peter disagrees, and points out she’s got an iPad, a mobile phone and a laptop which she uses proficiently. In fact, during the lockdowns Joan’s family encouraged her to write her memoirs about all her incredible travel, which kept her busy while she was home alone and saved her from “climbing the walls”, she says. She’s an avid diary keeper to this day, and is now working on more stories for her grandchildren about what life was like when she grew up.  


A few years ago Joan got sick and needed help. She called Holdsworth to find out if they could support her. You see, when her now 59-year-old son was a small child, she used to visit Holdsworth Community Centre with him to borrow library books. Then years later she was part of a choir run by the parents of children receiving disability services at Holdsworth. So when she had to reach out for support, Holdsworth was the first place she thought of. And it turned out to be the right one.  

Joan has now recommended Holdsworth to neighbours and family members when she thinks they might need some help.  

“I’m always happy to talk about Holdsworth,” she says. “I think they’re marvellous.” 

Although Joan lost her husband 28 years ago, when she reflects on her life and what she has today, she counts herself as one of the lucky ones. “But you make your own luck, Joan,” Peter reminds her. 

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