Growing Great Kids with Small Steps & Holdsworth


March 24


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Growing Great Kids with Small Steps from Way Ahead will explore starting school, preschool or daycare

Together, we can grow great kids! Join us each Friday for our regular playgroup and Bub Hub, with a twist! Each Friday, while we play and connect with other families, we’ll explore topics that support you and your child through the early stages of life.

For this week, special guests from the Small Steps, Way Ahead team join us to chat about starting school, preschool or daycare. How are we going? How are we feeling about this next stage?

Please note: payment ($10 per family) required on arrival at playgroup.

Is there something else you would like us to cover? Let our Family Services team know. We are welcome to all feedback and suggestions!

A little more about Small Steps

Small Steps is an education program aimed at raising awareness and improving the recognition of anxiety disorders in children. Small Steps seminars are delivered to school or pre-school parents and teachers. The aim of the program is to increase awareness of anxiety disorders to allow for early intervention. While exploring real life scenarios, we provide tools and strategies for teachers and caregivers. The aim of Small Steps is to develop awareness and support networks as early intervention is a key indicator of improved health outcomes for children living with anxiety.

About Holdsworth Playgroup

When you’re raising the next generation, your family has growing needs. At Holdsworth, we support families and young children to feel part of the community by making it easier to access fun, safe play-based learning opportunities. We’re here for support when you need it, and our programs facilitate connection with other young families, as well as providing foundations for your little ones’ bright futures.

Bring your little ones to access safe, fun play-based learning at playgroup, while you connect with like-minded people you can share experiences with and get to know.