Our Support Coordinators help to bring your NDIS plan to life.

We work with you to identify a range of suitable NDIS approved supports and program providers in your area to ensure your goals and needs are met.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred service providers, we then support you to manage the referral process and ongoing liaison with local programs, services, professionals and other NDIS supports.

Funding for Support Coordination

If you are wanting Coordination of Supports in your plan, our team can help support you to have your plan reviewed and gather the supporting evidence you will require to explain why it is necessary.

We work with you and your local area coordinator to help your voice be heard.

Our experienced team are here to assist in helping you and/or your loved one to understand your NDIS plan and work towards your goals.

Talk to us

Our team plays a vital role to ensure adequate funding and support through the NDIS is achieved in order to promote, protect and defend the best interests of you and your family.

Our team is experienced in navigating the new world of the NDIS and understand what is appropriate to provide support to help empower you and in some cases, act on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss funding or supports for individual needs, please contact us, we can help.

Talk to our NDIS team for more information, support or advice:

glenn.bowden@holdsworth.org.au or 02 9302 3600