Dementia Support, in partnership with
Woollahra Council

We take a uniquely individual approach to supporting people with memory loss. Our activities and programs are tailored to your abilities and interests, and we encourage people to continue doing all the things they’ve always enjoyed doing for as long as possible.

  • Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Friendly Organisation
  • Alzheimer’s Australia Best Practice Site

In partnership with Woollahra Council

In partnership with Woollahra Council, we aim to create a dementia-friendly community where people with dementia are supported to live a high-quality life with meaning, purpose and value.  We tailor dementia-friendly activities across the community, and support local businesses create dementia-friendly environments.

Woollahra Dementia Alliance

The Woollahra Dementia Alliance, supported by Holdsworth and Woollahra Council, meets bi-monthly to develop community action plans that advocate, create awareness and increase knowledge about dementia to the broader community.  

We’re here to help

To find out more about our dementia support program, contact us to speak to our friendly team.