Companionship, care, peace of mind and independence

Imagine the possibilities if an older Australian living alone was carefully matched with a younger person who could help around the house and lend a friendly ear in exchange for affordable accommodation. Companionship, care, peace of mind and independence. Maybe even a few laughs.

HomeShare connects housemates for a mutually
beneficial living situation

Older people
(home owners)

  • Reduce loneliness
  • Avoid entering aged care prematurely
  • Companionship
  • Help around the home

Younger people

  • Find your feet as you work or study
  • Avoid housing affordability struggles
  • Connect with people with life and career experiences
  • Inherit wisdom

Our HomeShare arrangements are carefully matched to make sure the pair is the right one for you.

  • Carefully matched screening including Police Background Check
  • In-depth interviews
  • Compatibility assessment
  • Time to get to know each other
  • Continued check-ins

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One of the core HomeShare objectives is to help older people feel more secure and safe in their homes.

To ensure the safety of both the Home Owner and the Sharer, we:

  • Carry out screening, checks and in-depth interviews of potential Owners and Sharers.
  • Help both parties to construct a mutually beneficial written agreement that sets out the responsibilities of the Owner and the Sharer, what chores they need to do, and the support they need to provide each other.
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure you both remain safe and satisfied, once the agreement has been set up and the Sharer has moved in.

HomeShare is about shared interests and values, and is not a financial transaction between the Sharer and the Owner. There is no direct exchange of money between an Owner and a Sharer.

Instead, HomeShare is supported as follows:

  • The Owner pays a matching fee to Holdsworth to cover the time we invest in setting up a HomeShare arrangement and a monthly membership fee to be part of the service and receive supports from the HomeShare Coordinator.
  • The Sharer pays an application and matching fee to cover the time we invest in setting up a HomeShare arrangement and a weekly membership fee to be part of the service and receive supports from the HomeShare Coordinator.

The Sharer is like a housemate. The main expectation is for the Sharer to provide companionship, along with a certain amount of help with light chores and household duties (for example, shopping, cooking and cleaning).
As part of the matching process, you will discuss this. We will help you reach an agreement that is fair to both of you and gives you the extra support you might be missing. We will write this up as an agreement so that you’re both clear on what is and what isn’t involved.

The Sharer is not expected to provide any personal or nursing care. Holdsworth can help the Owner access to government-funded services through My Aged Care if required.

No, the Sharer is not expected to provide personal or nursing care service.

HomeShare is for people who are still generally active, well and able to look after themselves. The Sharer will provide companionship and take care of some light household chores, just like a housemate.

If the older person needs personal care or nursing care, Holdsworth can help accessing government-funded services through My Aged Care.

We understand that your children and other relatives may be concerned about the idea of you sharing your home. We have considered this carefully, particularly the question of security and any legal matters.

To reassure you, all sharers are pre-screened and must undergo a Police Check. The written contract can also address any specific concerns. It’s also worth telling your children that having someone living in your house will also help protect you in the event of an accident or sudden illness.

Our HomeShare Coordinator is responsible for overseeing that both the Owner and Sharer meet the expectations of their agreement. The HomeShare Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the proper screening and safety of the match.
  • Assisting the Owner and Sharer to put together a customised legal agreement so both parties understand each other’s expectations.
  • Facilitating the stability of the arrangement by matching people with shared values and providing ongoing support for both the Owner and Sharer.

Your Holdsworth HomeShare fees cover this service.

We do our best to make sure everything is set up for success. In the unlikely event that you do feel things aren’t working out, we are here to make sure the separation is as smooth and trouble-free as possible for both of you.

Because it is important for both of you to have some certainty, we always suggest an initial 12-month arrangement. 

After that, it’s really up to the two of you to decide what you want from there. We certainly hope that HomeShare relationships might last many years.

If either of you decide to move on, we can support you with a new HomeShare match.

HomeShare is run and facilitated by Holdsworth. Holdsworth is a long-established and registered charity with deep connections throughout the community. We believe in this program and we invest in the people and processes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned. Learn more about Holdsworth and our work here.

I’m a home owner

Some home owners may embrace HomeShare. They love the idea of having a Sharer around to share the days and the chores. Others are, understandably, more cautious.

Either way, there’s no rush. You can take it step-by-step. Take a look at the checklist below. If you answer ‘yes’ to many of them, you could be a good fit for HomeShare.

  • I am retired and living alone in my own home.
  • I want to remain living independently in my own home for as long as possible.
  • I have a spare bedroom and enough space to comfortably share with another person.
  • I worry about what might happen if I fell or became ill with no one around to keep an eye on me.
  • I want help with light chores, like cooking and shopping.
  • I want to reassure my family that I’m safe living at home.
  • I miss having someone around to share my day with.
  • I enjoy chatting, laughing, and discussing the news and the day’s events.
  • I have skills or hobbies that I’d like to maintain, like bridge, chess, painting, writing, knitting and playing the piano.
  • I feel I have wisdom, skills and knowledge I’d like to share.
  • I would like to give something back to the next generation by providing affordable accommodation for a deserving housemate.
  • I would like to learn to use modern technology to communicate with distant families, connect with online communities and discover more about the world.
  • I want to surprise my old friends and have something new to talk about.

I’m a Sharer

Sharers are special people, who are warm, kind and friendly. They are willing to fit in with an older person’s life and routines. They also know that older people have invaluable life experience and wisdom to share.

HomeShare is first and foremost about companionship, sharing an hour or two a day with someone and simply enjoying one another’s company.

Sharers are not cleaners or nurses. They are not expected to do all the work, or to provide nursing care or personal services.

Could you become a Sharer? To find out, read the checklist below to see if HomeShare will work for you.

  • I am a caring younger person who is looking for safe and affordable housing in the Eastern, Inner City or Northern Suburbs.
  • I am a student, or fully employed in a job like teaching, healthcare, emergency services or public services.
  • I am an artist, writer, musician, dancer or another type of performing artist.
  • I am community-minded and open to connecting with an older person and keeping an eye on their well-being.
  • I think it might be interesting to spend time with an older person and learn about their life and times and get their perspectives on things.
  • I like the idea of providing companionship during the week, simply cooking together, chatting over tea and biscuits, going for a walk or watching TV or reading in the same room.
  • I am willing to share household chores and take responsibility for some of the ones an older person might find difficult, like carrying the shopping, taking out the rubbish or vacuuming.
  • I am willing to attend interviews with Holdsworth and have a police background check.