Holdsworth Community has been accredited by Alzheimer’s Australia as a Dementia Friendly Organisation and as a Best Practice site. We take a very individual approach to supporting people with memory loss and encourage people to continue to do all the things they have always enjoyed doing, for as long as possible.

Our activities and programs are tailored to your abilities and interests.

Club Holdsworth is our group social connection program for people living with dementia. The program supports you to take part in outings, music therapy, art therapy and exercise and movement classes which are designed to engage you and keep you connected to the community in which you live. We include pick-up, drop-off and lunch. Some of our programs are participant led, with you making all the choices, but with staff there to support you, as and when needed.

The program also provides time out for your family members, and carers have the option to access our Carer Support Services to help with caring for someone with memory loss.


A Dementia Friendly Community

A dementia-friendly community is one where people with dementia are supported to live a high quality life with meaning, purpose and value.

Everyone from organisations, businesses and community groups to individuals can play a role in building a dementia-friendly community by learning more about dementia. Become a Dementia Friend, undertake dementia training, and visiting Dementia Friendly Communities  to learn how you can help make a difference to someone with dementia.

The Woollahra Dementia Alliance is supported by Woollahra Council, Holdsworth Community, other organisations, local businesses, carers and individuals. They meet bi-monthly to progress an action plan to make Woollahra more dementia-friendly, by raising awareness of issues faced by local people with dementia and taking actions to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

One of the priorities in their action plan is to include people living with dementia on the Woollahra Dementia Alliance. They have had difficulty actively involving a person who is living with dementia, as a result Uniting Church and Holdsworth Community combined resources to fund a project in 2019 to enable an experienced worker to gather feedback from people living with dementia in the local community. Please see the video for more information.


If you would like to get involved in the Woollahra Dementia Alliance, please email community@woollahra.nsw.gov.au, or call 93917191.



Step Up For Dementia Research

The goal of StepUp for Dementia Research is to make it possible for everyone who wants to be involved in dementia research to get the chance to do so and to help researchers find the people they need. One of the big difficulties researchers face is finding enough participants for their studies. At the same time, many people are looking to participate in studies, but don’t know where to find them. StepUp for Dementia Research solves this problem by connecting people who want to participate in research with the right study.

Dementia is the second highest cause of death among Australians. In 2018, there are an estimated 425,416 Australians living with dementia.

There are numerous questions about diagnosis, treatments, prevention, and best care, for which there are no clear answers. Research into dementia will help find these answers.

Sign up for StepUp for Dementia Research today, to power a breakthrough tomorrow! www.stepupfordementiaresearch.org.au


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