Our services are now open in a new and more personalised way, through individual supports and small group activities in the community and the home.  Our approach will continue to meet your needs while ensuring all safe visiting practices and hygiene standards are adhered to. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us on 02 9302 3600 or email info@holdsworth.org.au

Holdsworth is a registered NDIS Provider and we use a person centred approach and place you at the centre of everything we do. Holdsworth provides opportunities to build everyday skills, work on communication, overcome challenges or to build last friendships and connections with your community.

Support for Children

Support for Children

(Teens aged 13-18)

(Currently taking interest for children aged 7-12)

We work with families to design a personalised plan that identifies the supports that your child needs now and helps you plan for the future.

Whether you are interested in helping your child to learn everyday living skills, improve their communication, overcome behavioural challenges or to make friends and build connections in the community, we can work with you to determine the supports you need and assist you to put them in place.


Support for Adults

(Aged 18-65)

We help people living with a disability to access a wide range of life skill and social support programs tailored to your own goals and circumstances.

Whether it is learning everyday living skills, improving communication, overcoming behavioural challenges or making new friends and building connections in the community, we can work with you to determine the supports you need and assist you to put them in place.

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Support Coordination


Support Coordination is vital to ensure you receive funding to meet the needs and goals of your family.

We partner with you during this process to take a holistic and long term approach within all areas of the NDIS framework.

We work with you through: daily life, transport, social and community participation, technology, relationships and behaviour support, health and well-being and learning.


National Disability Insurance Scheme

Holdsworth Community is an approved NDIS provider and offers a range of NDIS services and support for people living with a disability of all ages.

To help people with a disability and their families prepare for the NDIS planning meetings, we offer pre-planning sessions to any families who want them. We can provide individualised information regarding the services that you would like to receive from Holdsworth with details regarding how they would fit in the NDIS pricing guidelines so you can include them in your package.

If you haven’t had a meeting or would like more information about our NDIS services, please just give us a call at any stage – we are more than happy to answer questions or chat through options.

To speak to one of the NDIS team please call (02) 9302 3600 or email ndisprograms@holdsworth.org.au


Feedback, disputes & complaints

Holdsworth encourages all participant’s or the participant’s representative to share their ongoing thoughts about:

What they like or don’t like about Holdsworth

How they can imagine things being different

What they want to do to initiate changes and how Holdsworth can support them

Feedback, disputes & complaints can be made to the Holdsworth team or to external parties.

For more information, follow the link below or speak to one of our team on (02) 9302 3600.

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Our Support Rates

Most of Holdsworth’s participants in our programs are funded via the NDIS.

Holdsworth Community charges participants at the TTP rates under the 2019-2020 NDIS price guide.

The NDIS price guides, the nature of support, where the support is delivered, the time of day of the support, the complexity of the participants needs and the ratio of supports delivered determine Holdsworth’s rates.

PLEASE NOTE: The NDIA has temporarily increased the price limits by 10% for some critical supports, effective 25 March 2020 for six months. 

For more information on this, follow the link below or speak to one of our team on (02) 9302 3600.

If you would like to find out more about how Holdsworth Community can help you or your family member, please contact us on (02) 9302 3600 or ndisprograms@holdsworth.org.au

Holdsworth is registered to provide supports for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants.

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