Leaving a gift to us in your will is your way to ensure that your legacy continues once you are gone and is a way that you can support the work Holdsworth Community with little or no impact on your lifestyle today.

We know that your priority when making a Will is to provide for your loved ones and we would always encourage you to look after your family first. However, many people find that even after they’ve done this they are able to leave a gift in their Will to charity. Each and every gift makes a difference and this type of funding ensures that Holdsworth is able to continue supporting the local community long into the future.

To leave a gift to Holdsworth in your Will you will need to speak to your solicitor or legal advisor about your wishes and they will explain the options and include your gift in your Will.

If you would like more information about leaving a gift to charity in your will please Include-A-Charity-Leaflet from Include a Charity or visit the Include a Charity website at www.includeacharity.com.au

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