Holdsworth offers a variety of Health & Wellbeing classes that have been specifically designed to cater for people as they age.

  • Wellbeing Classes

Our Wellbeing class is designed for those who have lost some mobility and wish to stay strong for as long as possible. It combines gentle chair exercises to keep you moving and improve your stability along with a social and nutritious lunch where you can make friends and have a laugh.

  • Yoga

Our classes are specifically designed for older people and the less mobile. Our qualified and experienced instructor will guide you through every step of the way in this soothing and ancient art of exercise.

  • Move Well Program

Move Well is an exercise program specially designed to accommodate those who wish to incorporate a safe and practical exercise regime into their lives. It draws from many different movement disciplines, such as pilates and yoga and traditional exercises, to build and maintain strength, flexibility and balance.


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