Our Purpose

To support people to have independent and fulfilling lives through social connection in the community.

Our Community

We provide support across our community throughout Sydney, in particular its Eastern Suburbs:

  • Children and adults living with disabilities
  • Older people who may be frail, ill, lacking mobility, experiencing social isolation or living with dementia
  • Families with young children
  • Caregivers
  • People looking for meaningful volunteering opportunities

Our Values

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe social connection is the key to a healthy and meaningful life
  2. We are passionate about people living independent lives in the community
  3. We respect people for the unique contributions they make to the community
  4. We envisage an inclusive future where everyone has access to an empowered life in the community
  5. We embrace change and want to be a part of it
  6. We believe that we can deliver greater impact by working with quality partners

Our Goals

  1. To be the heart of a connected and engaged local community
  2. To support people living with a disability to live their ideal life in the community
  3. To partner with people as they transition through the later stages of life with respect
  4. To deliver our strategy through a diverse, skilled and passionate workforce
  5. To amplify our resources to secure financial sustainability

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